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Cancellation Policy
We know that plans can change so we've made it easy. You can change your booked dates (subject to availability) at any stage up until 24 hours before your check in date. Also, if for some reason you need to cancel, you'll receive a full refund as long as you get in touch with us 24 hours, or more, before the check in date. Please note that this landowner has selected a flexible cancellation policy meaning that there will be no refund If you cancel less than 24 hours before check in.

House Rules
Please remove your shoes when entering bach. Leave the kitchen as you find it. Keep glass and tins separate to general rubbish, as I recycle these to 'NPDC waste station'

Health and Safety
As this is a working farm please do not enter any Hazardous marked areas containing chemicals, drenches, poisons etc. I attempt to maintain a proactive rodent control programme, be aware that there may be bait stations on site. If you bring a pet is it your responsibility to keep them safe
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Waiiti Private Bach

Check in: Fri 23 Oct 2020 at 2.00pm
Check out: Mon 26 Oct 2020 at 11.00am

2 guests

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3 nights210.00
Check Out On: Mon 26 Oct 2020
Sub Total210.00
Booking Fee10.50