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Before you get started

To make listing your property even easier, here are some things you need to know before you begin

It's all about the Kiwi experience

Think of three rural New Zealand experiences or activites your visitors can enjoy on or around your property.

  • e.g. Great walking tracks
  • Mountain biking
  • Kids meeting your animals
  • Enjoying lunch at the local pub
You can generate more income by adding on a paid activity or tour

A picture tells a thousand words

Don't be afraid to be creative! Your property will largely sell itself, but you may be able to think of some subtle, but effective ways to show it off!

Here are some tips for uploading great photos:

  • Must be taken in landscape, not portrait
  • You are allowed up to 10 photos, but think of one main image that will be the first one seen by holidaymakers
  • Think about the time of day to take your photos - make sure they aren't too dark
For more information on taking the perfect photo, see our guide

Show me the money!

  • We'll need your bank account details so we can pay you
  • We collect payment from holidaymakers at the time of booking and pay you the Tuesday after they depart

Choose your cancellation policy

You will be offered three options to choose as your Cancellation Policy, these are:

  • Flexible: guests can cancel up to 24 hours before their booking
  • Moderate: guests can cancel up to 3 days before their booking
  • Strict: guests can cancel up to 1 week before their booking
Learn more about our Cancellation Policies

Everyone wants to know about Health & Safety!

It's simple, it's all about knowing about who's on your property and ensuring they are aware of any hazards. Make sure you note any hazards that may be present on your listing in regards to the environment your guests will be staying in.

A hazard could be for instance:

  • Electric fences
  • Nearby drains
  • Stock grazing in paddock

Make sure you keep your listing up to date with any additional hazards that may occur (e.g. weather has washed away a track etc)

Would a toilet make all the difference?

Many landowners need a toilet to compliment the Holidaymaker's OTBT experience and make the most of their private land. There are a number of options, use a Portaloo, install a long drop (like a DOC hut) or use one of the following options:

Aoraki Soulutions sells a fantastic product called Go Anywhere toilet kits. A remarkable product that is a toilet in a bag with deodourizing powder, toilet paper and hand sanitizer, then fully disposable in any household recepticle or rubbish bin. They even sell the privacy tents as well.

All OTBT landowners qualify for a 10% discount. Click here to visit Aoraki Solutions Website. Once you have entered the products in the shopping bag - Simply choose your product, go to checkout - enter the code 'OTBT10' in the promo code box - it will automatically discount your purchase by 10%. If you prefer, you can contact them via email or phone and they can arrange the same. Remember to mention OTBT10 to recieve the discount.

Nature's Head is a compostable option. Visit their website and enter the promo code 'OTBT10' for the OTBT landowner discount

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