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We have secured comprehensive liability cover for participating landowners. This provides cover, in addition to your existing liability arrangements to the combined limits of; Public Liability $5,000,000, Forest & Rural Fires Act $250,000 and Statutory Liability of $1,000,000.
A police report for any damage
Receipts or evidence of the accurate fair market value of original property
Repair estimate
OTBT will then contact to the camper to gain additional information and refer the matter to our legal advisers and insurers.

If you believe a camper has caused property damage or loss, you should first contact OTBT at within 14 days of the camper's check out (or before the next camper checks in, whichever is earlier) to notify OTBT of the property damage. You should also file a police report.

Proper documentation, such as photos or video, may be requested by OTBT. Examples of documentation:

Photographs of the damage being claimed

If the camper is deemed to be responsible, we will endeavour to collect all damages from them."

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