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Photo Guide

We all know a picture tells a thousand words, so make your photos count. Great looking photos really sell your property by setting the scene, showcasing your properties best features and encourages bookings.

Great looking photos are the best way to showcase your property, encourage bookings and help set guests expectations.

Guests want to know what natural assets you have on your property, photos are the perfect way to show this!

Here are a few tips for taking great photos:


Lighting & Focus
Get the basics right - focus and good light, upload only high resolution pictures. Take your photos in nice light - gentle dusk or dawn light is best. Make sure the image is not too dark or over-exposed.

A great setting is when you have friends, family or others who are staying on your property to get a photo of them enjoying your land.

Don't upload poor quality photos or those with poor resolution. People will see a set of bad photos and will make similar assumptions about you and your property. Low resolution pictures look blurry and pixelated when they are enlarged.

Landscape Photos
We mean landscape in both sense of the word. But in this specific case, make sure you hold your phone in landscape mode, not portrait. If you insist in uploading a portrait photo, please ensure you upload at least 4 or 5 so that the entire screen along the top of your listing is filled with photos.

At least two photos
Each listing needs to have at lease two photos. More is better!

What if my photos upload the wrong way around?
Some phone cameras look as if they are the correct way around, but when you load them on the site they come out the wrong way around. To fix this, on your computer, rotate the photo 180 degrees, save it and then rotate it the correct way and save it again. Upload to the site again and it will come out perfect.

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