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Get paid to let others enjoy your rural backyard. People are ready to experience something authentic and unique, so why not share your land and earn some spare cash.

We've got you covered!

We understand accidents can happen. So, your land is automatically covered with our landowner's liability insurance. This way, when townies come to stay and have a little mishap, you're covered. And the best part - it's FREE!

Different types of 'Off The Beaten Track'

Do you think you've got a unique slice of New Zealand? Then we've got the holidaymakers wanting to experience it! Whether it's a secluded spot by the river deep in your private bush, a quirky cottage, or an unused shearer's quarters - all of it's potential income. And together, we will get people Off the Beaten Track to your place.

  • Free to List
  • No contracts or commitments
  • Our website is easy to use and simple for you to manage, with calendar syncing
  • We identify and market to the right type of holidaymaker for your property
  • Doesn't matter where you live, getting to you is part of the experience

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Frequently Asked Questions



With experiences available all year round there is ample opportunity for earning.
OTBT takes a flat 10% commission from your gross booking earnings. OTBT is responsible for all payment processing fees, which are paid directly to our secure payment processor.
Yes, our commission is a flat 10% commission from your gross booking earnings. OTBT is responsible for all payment processing fees, which are paid directly to our secure payment processor.
What you charge is dependent on several things. We encourage you to consider the amenities and the activities you provide as the more value for money people perceive they are getting, the more they will be prepared to pay.

We advise you price your property comparable to similar sites in your region, taking into consideration whether you have a basic campsite with little to no amenities or can offer other attractions like beach/river access, bike trails, etc. With OTBT, you can add as many different sites as you'd like so you can always earn more by hosting more!

You will soon be guided on the level of your pricing as you benchmark your property against similar properties.


Off The Beaten Track connects holidaymakers with a taste of authentic rural New Zealand that is delivered through undiscovered locations and experiences that are privately owned.
OTBT is part of the peer to peer land-sharing economy. Not just confined to bare land, but also applies to the converted barn, the woolshed that's unused most of the time, or even the private family bach built down the back of the farm.

The majority of New Zealand is in private ownership, much of it simply breath taking. We want these land owners to be able to monetize what they already own, and provide holidaymakers with an incredible private land outdoors experience.
It's easy! You start by creating your free listing. You can do that by clicking "List My Property" button just about this FAQ section

Simply follow the step-by-step guide.
Our holidaymakers are looking for something unique and not the norm. Off The Beaten Track welcomes many different kinds of listings on our site from cabins, barns, woolsheds, baches and glamping options, to somewhere to park your motorhome or caravan. As long as holidaymakers get a feeling of authentic, rural New Zealand at your place, you are welcome to list on Off The Beaten Track.

As a landowner, you will also need to agree to OTBT's Terms and Conditions, which covers your responsibilities as a landholder to show duty of care and to process OTBT payment through OTBT system.
Fortunately, the overwhelming majority of people are respectful and understand the responsibility of staying on someone's private land. This is still a common question facing anyone thinking of listing on OTBT.

You need to be very clear about who you allow to visit and determine what activities they can do and for how long. You are responsible for setting rules and conditions for your guests.
In addition to being banned from the OTBT community and suffering any due legal recourse for their actions, we have secured comprehensive liability cover for participating landowners. This provides cover, in addition to your existing liability arrangements to the combined limits of; Public Liability $5,000,000, Forest & Rural Fires Act $250,000 and Statutory Liability of $1,000,000 in the event a holidaymaker damages your property during their confirmed stay, and the issue is not resolved by direct payment from the holidaymaker.
It's up to you what amenities you provide and you don't have to spend a lot of money on big set up costs to get started. Some landowners may consider providing a toilet, please see the next FAQ 'What About Providing a Toilet' for full details. As OTBT is all about a unique experience, visitors are glad to bring their own facilities and escape the crowds. We recommend however checking with your local council about any basic requirements.
There are a few options available, use a Portaloo, install a long drop (like a DOC hut) or use one of the following options: Aoraki Solutions sells a fantastic product called Go Anywhere toilet kits. They are a remarkable product that is a toilet in a bag, equipped with deodorizing powder, toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Then fully disposable in any household receptacle or rubbish bin.
It is up to you how much or how little interaction you have with holidaymakers. You're not required to interact with the holidaymakers. In fact, many may actually prefer the privacy, peace and quiet. We suggest that you use proper signage and maps to help guide them to the right area.
Most holidaymakers will have a car and are just looking for a great Kiwi experience. It's up to you what type of access you want to allow on your property and where holidaymakers can park their vehicle. Specify on your listing whether your site is a tent only, motorhome/caravan appropriate or specific other accommodation. Also specify the access as either drive in or parking details and length of walk to site.
No, we do not require you to provide drinking water. Just ensure it is clearly indicated on your listing that there is no drinking water available and holidaymakers will have to supply their own.
Campfires: As you set the rules, it's up to you to determine whether providing a firepit and allowing campfires is suitable for your property. We suggest contacting your local fire department to get the most up to date rules and regulations.

Rubbish: We want your property looking as good as when your holidaymakers arrived, so ensure removal of all rubbish is included in your property rules.
Holidaymakers will find your listing and book directly through OTBT. You'll get a booking request text & email with all the details about the holidaymaker's stay, and you can accept, decline or provide alternative dates.
You will be sent the holidaymakers profile details. You have the option of requiring that they meet and greet with you prior to settling in. Others provide directions that will lead the holidaymaker straight to the site. You choose what works best for you!
You will receive your bookings via email and text message, and will be able to view them online in your Landowners Dashboard.